March 2017

Ability Dynamics - RUSH ROGUE
Ability Dynamics - RUSH ROGUE
RUSH ROGUE: Because the world’s not flat. Increased performance and comfort and now featuring +/- 8° of torsion. The RUSH Foot is smooth, flexible, reliable, and virtually indestructible.
Allard USA
Allard USA
Partner with Allard and grow your business while building team relationships between PTs and O&P. Join our mission of support for better life. Allard USA: Your O&P Partner in Education!

Allard USA - 40 Reasons
To find out 40 reasons why Allard USA continues to be the world leader in the carbon fiber AFO market after 20 years, visit
ALPS HD Gel Liners
ALPS HD Gel Liners
High Density Gel liners are proudly made in the United States.
Apis Footwear - Mt. Emey Premiere Collection
Apis Footwear - Mt. Emey Premiere Collection
Mt. Emey Premier Collection are $52.50 per pair, including genuine leather uppers, a solid EVA outsole that is easy to modify, three true widths, and one pair of moldable inserts. Visit us at AAOP both 354 for more details.
Baker College - O&P Education
Baker College - O&P Education
Orthotic/prosthetic education courses include pedorthic pre-certification education, therapeutic shoe fitter pre-certification education, and orthotic/prosthetic technology.
Becker Orthopedic - Stride Family Line
Becker Orthopedic - Stride Family Line
Maximize your stance control outcomes with the Stride Family line. Visit tables 389-391 and 397-399 at Academy 2017. Learn more about the Stride Family line and our many other products.
Considered the blue ribbon of accreditation, BOC equips your business with nationally recognized, in-demand credentials that ensure compliance with CMS. BOC helps you get back to what matters.
Bremer Group - Embraceable
Bremer Group - Embraceable
For over 20 years, the Bremer Group Company has established a reputation for embracing practitioners and patients with high quality back braces and exceptional customer service.

Bremer Group - Embraceable
For over 20 years, the Bremer Group Company has established a reputation for embracing practitioners and patients with high-quality back braces and exceptional customer service. See us at AAOP, table 405.
Coapt Engineering - Myoelectric Control
Coapt Engineering - Myoelectric Control
Coapt is making myoelectric prostheses smarter. Learn more on our website.
College Park - AXIS® Shoulder Joint
College Park - AXIS® Shoulder Joint
Unlike any shoulder on the market, the redesigned AXIS shoulder joint by College Park provides a natural range of motion and ease of use for the patient’s daily life. It’s lockable every 10 degrees.
Coyote Design Composite
Coyote Design Composite
Coyote Composite is tough yet flexible. It’s ideal for AFOs and prosthetics. It’s lightweight, the edges finish smooth, it’s tougher than carbon fiber, and it costs less than carbon fiber. We guarantee it.
DJO Global - Exos™ Free Motion Ankle
DJO Global - Exos™ Free Motion Ankle
The future of ankle bracing is here with the Exos Free Motion Ankle. The Exos groundbreaking thermoformable material can be fully customized and formed to a patient within 30 minutes.
esp - The EVA Valve
esp - The EVA Valve
The EVA valve is the ultimate hi-vac valve. It can unscrew to examine the distal limb, and quickly plugs, unplugs, and rotates. It fits our standard housing and is easy to change to standard housing
Ferrier Coupler Inc.
Ferrier Coupler Inc.
The Ferrier Coupler provides you with options never before possible to interchange or disconnect. All aluminum couplers are hard coated for enhanced durability and all models are interchangeable.
Freedom Innovations - Maverick Xtreme
Freedom Innovations - Maverick Xtreme
Introducing the Maverick Xtreme fiberglass foot. The lightest fiberglass foot is now available. It’s offered in regular and sandal toe and has increased durability without compromising the desired energy storage/return.
Friddle's Orthopedic - 3D Printed Sockets and Covers
Friddle's Orthopedic - 3D Printed Sockets and Covers
Come see our 3D-printed sockets and covers at AAOP booths 295-298.

Friddle's Orthopedic - New On-The-Spot Transfers
New additions are coming soon to Friddle’s on-the-spot transfer—Major League Baseball.
Hersco - First in Customer Satisfaction
Hersco - First in Customer Satisfaction
Hersco is first in customer satisfaction and orthopedic excellence—with fit guaranteed, stress-free returns, and mindful, responsive customer care.
Hi-Tech - Human Intelligence Technology
Hi-Tech - Human Intelligence Technology
Thanks to its distinctive structure, the new SoftSkin Air reduces the build-up of sweat on the skin inside the liner by wicking away perspiration all the way through the cover. It’s the world’s first breathable silicone liner.
iFIT Prosthetics
iFIT Prosthetics
Today’s prosthetics from iFIT—immediate fit, innovative technology—gives prosthetists a new option for their patients. Our unique adjustable design affords one-session fittings for persons with limb loss.
JMS Plastics - PDQ Ovens and Supplies
JMS Plastics - PDQ Ovens and Supplies
PDQ ovens and supplies are now available. Stop by booth #27 at AAOP in Chicago, March 1-4. For pricing and shipping information, call or visit our website.
Kingsley Mfg
Kingsley Mfg
Pack your seabag, step into your Topsiders, and enjoy a quiet afternoon of sailing with your Kingsley Striders.
KISS Technologies
KISS Technologies
Recreate ordinary as extraordinary with the Keep It Simple Suspension (KISS).
LegWorks - All Terrain Knee
LegWorks - All Terrain Knee
The All-Terrain Knee now has stance flexion. What’s your terrain?
LIM Innovations Infinite Socket
LIM Innovations Infinite Socket
Discover the Infinite Socket System. Become accredited at AAOP 2017. Sign up at
The 2017 Louisiana State Meeting will be held at the Hilton Hotel and Convention Center in downtown Shreveport, LA on June 1-3, 2017.
Martin Bionics Socket Soft™
Martin Bionics Socket Soft™
Measure, micro-adjust, and deliver. Socket-Soft converts simple limb measurements to a pre-fit socket. Simply micro-adjust for a customized fit.
M-Brace Offers 24 Hr Comfort
M-Brace Offers 24 Hr Comfort
The M-Brace offers 24-hour comfort. It’s super slim, ready to wear, easy to use, ultralight, more breathable, washable, nonallergenic, neoprene free, and has a high-tech patented design.
Motion Control, A Fillauer Company
Motion Control, A Fillauer Company
Spring 2017 Supercourse - includes training in the FLAG (Force Limiting Auto Grasp) feature for ETD and hand.
Visit our website and view our latest government relations video podcast. See our Congressional Action Center and communicate directly with your member of Congress on issues important to you and the O&P Profession.
OPIE Con - Spring 2017
OPIE Con - Spring 2017
Join us for OPIE Con April 27-29. It’s the only OPIE Con experience for 2017. Take your office from button pushing to truly understanding the why of what you do to turn your office into a well-oiled machine.
The PROGLIDE universal design provides immobilization of the cervical region in a comfortable, easy-to-use cervical collar. The new VENUM HYBRID is the only brace you will need to fit all your patients.
Orthomerica SmartSoc™
Orthomerica SmartSoc™
The SmartSoc 3D Capturing System is the latest addition to Orthomerica’s U.S. FDA 510(k) cleared line of image capture devices for manufacturing of STARband and STARlight cranial orthoses.
Össur Americas - RHEO Knee® XC
Össur Americas - RHEO Knee® XC
From rehab, to the home and office, to the gym and the trail, RHEO KNEE XC confidently goes anywhere, whatever the weather. In a controlled clinical trial, it enabled users to walk further, faster and with less fatigue.
Ottobock University
Ottobock University
Learning doesn’t stop with a degree, and staying up-to-date is critical to providing the level of patient care you are committed to. Visit our website to browse our course offerings and earn CEUs.
Owens Carolina O&P
Owens Carolina O&P
The Tycro Cone is back. And it’s now available to orthotists and prosthetists with no distributor markup. The new material is tougher, polishes better, grooves less, and will last longer than our previous pink material.
Spinal Tech custom AFO
Spinal Tech custom AFO
When the cast comes off, Bill plans to get back to his walking routine. But his foot will be too weak to bear weight unassisted for a while. Bill’s orthotist knows that the answer is a custom AFO from Spinal Technology.
SPS Rewards
SPS Rewards
Save an additional 5% on Rewards products, or 2% on all other products, only on Visit us at AAOP booth #335.
NSP/CSP is the original no-itch fiber. It’s stronger, lighter, and more cost effective than carbon, with ten times the impact resistance.
SPC - St. Petersburg College
SPC - St. Petersburg College
Expand your skills by registering now for certification or continuing Education Courses. SPC - a leader in O&P education!
SureStep Central Fab
SureStep Central Fab
Surestep central fabrication frees you up to spend more time with patients. You’ll get quick turnarounds, competitive pricing, and customization by measurement. We can help grow your business. Call today.
Syncor Durasleeve
Syncor Durasleeve
Syncor: Durasleeve EZ- engineered for ease!
The Robert M. Palmer Institute
The Robert M. Palmer Institute
A not-for-profit school providing pedorthic pre-certification and advanced manufacturing courses.
Tidwell's Orthotics
Tidwell's Orthotics
Tidwell’s Orthotics, one of the leading central fabrication facilities, is offering the Amber AFO at an incredible price. The Amber is a lightweight leather ankle gauntlet with a thin polypropylene inner structure.
Tillges Technologies
Tillges Technologies
Propel your stride to perfection with PROPULSION bracing. It has dynamic carbon fiber construction, is engineered per patient specifications, has a modular design, is ultralightweight, and fits easily into shoes.
Touch Bionics i-limb™ quantum
Touch Bionics i-limb™ quantum
The i-limb quantum offers precision, power, and intelligent motion. It’s the first multiarticulating prosthesis that can be controlled with simple gestures. It’s smarter, faster, and stronger. Now available in four sizes.
Congratulations! Body power beats bionics. TRS founder and CEO Bob Radocy is the 2016 Cybathlon gold medalist.
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