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ALPS - Know No Limits
Whether you are a high-active or low-active amputee, ALPS has a variety of products to suit your individual needs. Our goal is making lives better, one unique product at a time. Know no limits.

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ALPS Tapered Liner
The new ALPS anterior posterior tapered liner is tapered 6mm anterior to 3mm posterior in high-performance black fabric.

ALPS New HD Sleeves
Our new HD sleeves, ALPS SFB and ALPS SFP, are now available with HD Gel to provide active amputees a great degree of control.

ALPS General Purpose
The General Purpose provides you with the comfort you need.

ALPS Prosthetic Sleeves
Alps offers a wide variety of prosthetic sleeves to accommodate most users. They are available in different thicknesses with either EasyGel or GripGel.

The new ALPS SP Liner offers superior performance. It features our new firm High Density Gel with black fabric.

ALPS Gel Liner
EasyGel has a soft, powdery texture and is skin-friendly. GripGel has a smooth, tacky texture that helps reduce bunching in the popliteal region. High Density Gel has a dense, firm texture for a great degree of control.

ALPS New Black Sleeve
ALPS’ new superior performance black sleeve is available in 3mm and 6mm with ALPS GripGel.

The ALPS SP Liner’s superior performance is ideal for active patients and provides superior comfort with GripGel or High Density Gel. It features black knitted fabric that still allows for additional comfort and stability.

The ALPS ENCP Skin Reliever features ALPS EasyGel, replaces socks, has high elasticity, reduces shearing and abrasions, and softens and soothes skin.

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