answers to O&P study review courses

Posted By: Julie Schwab on October 21, 2016

Here are the answers I received: I could not find a review course list
anywhere for Northwestern. The best review that would fit my needs is
Beyond The Book, www.

*I believe Northwestern has review courses on site and UT Southwestern has
an online version.*

*I am passing along this board review flyer NCOPE received from Beyond
the Book O&P Educational Services for an upcoming
workshop in Charlotte, NC.*

*Best "Study" is UTSouthwestern's online courses for P&O. It's strictly
"book learning" which is what works best for the exams. Another tip: Do
not sit for both O&P certification exams in the same exam time frame.
That's way too much info to regurgitate & most folks end up re-taking at
least one section of each exam.*

*Beyond The Book offers tutoring and workshops to assist students and
residents as they prepare for board exams. If you are interested you can
reach out to me or check out the website at
. *


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