Welcome to CaTech Inc. CaTech Inc. was founded in February of 1992 and began manufacturing hydraulic knee controls for the Prosthetics community. We are located at 80A Westpark in Centerville, Ohio. CaTech management personnel have over 50 years experience in manufacturing of hydraulic knee controls.

Since our inception 5 new Models of CaTech Products have come to market, each to satisfy the special requirements of our customers. All CaTech products are backed by our 3 year limited warranty which is the longest in the Industry. All CaTech products are tested to the latest ISO standards for lower extremity prosthetics. These standards insure the structural integrity of the product. CaTech products are sold directly in the United States as well as through the following distributors: Endolite North America; Southern Prosthetic Supply; Pel Supply; Knit-Rite; Fillauer; Becker Orthopedic Supply and Cascade Orthopedic Supply. In addition CaTech has distribution in 27 countries outside the United States.

Please feel free to look through this brief presentation of CaTech products and send your inquires via our E-Mail icon. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

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