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Mission Statement
Kinetic Research, Inc. is dedicated to advancing the integration between high-end lower extremity orthotic practice and high-end materials technology.

Kinetic Research offers high-end practitioners the materials, components and services needed to provide their patients with the most effective lower extremity design solutions possible. Through advanced materials technology and advanced clinical skills, today's orthotist can deliver specific biomechanical controls that regulate pathomechanics with minimal effects on normal function. Kinetic Research composite systems allow the orthotist to apply exacting controls that offset and regulate the orthopedic stresses associated with human deformity and dysfunction. Using Kinetic research systems, biomechanical designs can be lighter in weight yet many times stronger than their thermoplastic or metal counterparts.

Through the use of ultralight carbon/epoxy composites and components designed to integrate with these high tech materials, your local practitioner can design and fabricate more precise orthotic devices that both address and counteract the unnatural forces associated with lower extremity pathomechanics.

Our technology, when applied correctly, produces the finest functional orthotics available.

Ask your local ABC Certified practitioner if Kinetic Research has the right technology for you.


We provide custom composite fabrication services for most standard lower extremity orthotic designs.

AFO Ultra-PLS- Graphite Posterior Leaf Spring. Super thin, Super light, Super tough. Carbon Graphite offers excellent reflexive properties, integrated into a PLS-AFO. The results are awesome.


KRI "Knee Spikes" are polycentric knee joints fabricated from a 301 stainless, and are designed for use in the Kinetic Research composite impregnation technique, to produce a rigid knee orthosis that typically weighs about 16-20oz, or a semi-rigid knee cage of about 14-18oz.

Typical semi-rigid total contact Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis weighs only 24-30oz. Rigid KAFO weighs only 30-38oz.

More to come: Look for KRI "Ankle Spikes".



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