ALPS South
Specializing in prosthetic components including interface liners, locks, knee suspension sleeves, skin care products and gel socks. Our innovative product concepts, commitment to customer satisfaction, and proven durability have made us an industry standard.
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Cascade Orthopedic Supply
Representing over 175 manufacturers and 35,000 products, Cascade has serviced the O&P community throughout North America for over 30 years. Besides having an outstanding customer service team, Cascade offers a 10% discount to new accounts for the first 6 months and has overnight delivery—at only ground rates to you!
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Comfort Products Inc.
Super Shear Gel Liner
The newest Fitting Management tool for Elevated Vacuum! A very conformable & soft mineral oil gel liner, ideal solution to provide relief over bony prominent areas or to give a slight improvement in socket fit. Two gel liners per package and three widths to accommodate virtually any size. The Super Shear Gel Liners are 14” in length and can be trimmed to shorter lengths. Call for more information 800-822-7500 or email at
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Coyote Design Locks & Liners
Coyote Design is the first to develop a dual suspension, airtight pin lock that is water resistant, the first to develop a zero clearance lock that controls rotation, and the first to develop an elevated vacuum compatible lock. And now, Coyote Design has released a safe and tough alternative for carbon braid.
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For 20 years, ESP has been a leader in product innovation and we have pioneered some of today's most utilized liner and suspension products. Our introduction of the Original Preflexed Liner, as well as the ESP Lyn Valve and the NEW Opti-Seal ™ suspension system, are just a few of the products that have become the standard of use in prosthetics.

For more information on ESP and to see our commitment to you, visit, or call 888-932-7377.
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Kingsley Orthotic & Prosthetic Supply
The Kingsley Online Store is the only e-commerce site with the complete product lines from the finest names in orthotics and prosthetics. Orders placed online will be processed and shipped with the same care and speed that you have come to expect from Kingsley.
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LIM Innovations
At LIM Innovations we aim to improve the human physical condition for amputees with socket technology designed for comfort and performance.

The Infinite Socket demonstrates an approach to prosthetic technology development that starts with addressing the user's needs and clinician's demands, while offering advanced technical solutions combined with unique design advantages.
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Össur Americas
Össur has been helping amputees of all activity levels pursue “Life Without Limitations” for over 40 years. From Iceross® liners to Flex-Foot® feet to Mauch® and Total knees to award-winning Bionic Technology by Össur, we manufacture a comprehensive line of lower limb prosthetics. Our new Seal-In® V liner features Volume Adaptive Blades that change orientation to accommodate unique limb shapes and volume fluctuations up to 8 plys, promoting secure suspension throughout the day and enabling CPOs to fit a wider variety of patients.
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PEL Supply
PEL was founded in 1959 and is the leading distributor of orthotic and prosthetic components to the O&P industry. Since its beginning, PEL has focused on helping O&P practitioners, technicians and fitters provide the greatest possible care for their patients by being accessible to discuss the best potential products and solutions. As a worldwide distributor carrying over 100,000 products from more than 250 companies, PEL’s friendly and highly-trained staff is ready to help.

For more information on PEL’s products and services, visit If you wish to speak to a customer service representative, please call PEL toll-free at (800) 321-1264 or email PEL at
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has a broad selection of liners and sleeves to satisfy the fitting needs of every amputee. Featuring Ohio Willow Wood's gel liner – the Alpha Liner; the silicone liners of Medipro; through the Alps custom liners Thermoliner and the V.I.V.A. sleeve – SPS carries a liner which will fulfill your needs.
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Comfort and security are available with WillowWood’s Alpha® Liner Family and our line of suspension products. Alpha® Liners are designed to protect residual limbs from abrasion and breakdown. Within the Alpha Liner Family numerous options exist for optimum fit and comfort for patients: Alpha Classic, Hybrid and Silicone Liners and custom Alpha DESIGN® Liners. WillowWood offers various suspension options including locks, suction, and active vacuum.
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