VAC-U-BAG is a specially made latex vacuum bag for the prosthetic field. It can be used over and over again when fabricating petite liners to insure that you get an even vacuum pull every time.

If you're dedicated to delivering the best product you can, then VAC-U-BAG is a must for your laboratory.

More accurate liners can easily be fabricated when using VAC-U-BAG. With VAC-U-BAG there is no need to use unreliable techniques. Simply pull your heated Petite Cone over the plaster model and then pull VAC-U-BAG over the top and hit the vacuum switch. Let VAC-U-BAG do the rest! You can rest assured knowing that the liner is pulled in all the way to your cast without losing the valuable A/P dimensions and contours. Many other applications using vacuum are also possible.

Liners are easily and accurately made the first time. Costly remakes are eliminated.

Available in 6 sizes for all applications.

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