Boston Marathon Bombings

The Barr Foundation is here to help amputee victims of the Boston Marathon disaster. Our mission is to provide assistance to new amputees, and we have resources available.
Please make a donation to the Barr Foundation Amputee Assistance Fund.

The Barr Foundation

William G. Barr

"The rewards of helping people regain their dignity, mobility and become self-supportive cannot be measured in dollars. I believe that the true measure of success in anyone's life is determined in what you have done to help your fellow man."

- William G. Barr

The Barr Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1993 to assist amputees with prosthetic rehabilitation. We provide assistance to amputees domestically and internationally who would otherwise have no other financial resources. The Foundation evolved from another non-profit, the Institute for the Advancement of Prosthetics in Lansing, Michigan, founded by Senator William G. Barr in 1978.

Our mission is to advance education and improve community support for amputees of the world. The Barr Foundation strives to improve the amputee's quality of life through access to proper prosthetic care and by encouraging improvements in the care system.

The Barr Foundation carries out this mission through its efforts to help amputees of the world live healthy and productive lives with dignity.

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Fellow board member Jack Richmond and daughter share a heartwarming story.