Bill Truppe, CP (c)

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Bill Truppe, CP (c) Truppe Health Care London, Ontario, Canada

What kind of background did you bring into O&P?

I'm a second-generation practitioner-I just grew up into it.

Who influenced you the most in O&P?

My father.

What's your favorite web site?

It's a toss-up between CNN and Sports Illustrated.

I see you are from Canada-do you play hockey?

Does a bear poop in the woods? Of course I play hockey!

What's your favorite color?


What has been your best work-related experience?

A gentleman came to me who was hit by a train and had bilateral upper-extremity and unilateral lower-extremity amputations. Taking him from the absolute low point in his life to being functional and gainfully employed again was tremendously rewarding.

Do you have any complaints about or changes you want to see in the industry?

I would like someone to come up with a good off-the-shelf silicone cosmetic glove.

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