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We put this issue to bed in the midst of planning for 2007 and packing for a trip to Florida for the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA) 2006 National Assembly.

Trade shows are a great opportunity to reconnect, re-energize, and refocus. Industry meetings provide a chance to visit with old colleagues and friends and meet the new movers and shakers; a chance to brush up on skills, earn professional credits, and get caught up on the hot topics in the field; and sometimes there is even a minute to relax and take a walk on the beach.

My older brother is an architect. Several years ago he worked for a few weeks for a national fast food chain as their building designer. He only worked there a few weeks because the job did not fulfill his passion. What fun is designing the same building over and over again? He went on after that to build hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. Can you think of anything more creative and wonderful for an architect? For as many years as a person has to work, why not work at something that you can feel passionate about?

As O&P professionals, your passions are fulfilled by providing solutions for the original situations of each patient that comes through the door each day. Your passion is about changing lives.

At The O&P EDGE we have the privilege of crafting an information vehicle for the industry, each month providing the latest news, information, and insight to help you do your business better. Covering the passionate people of the O&P industry is indeed gratifying.

In this issue we are thrilled to provide Part One of a narrative from Rob Kistenberg, MPH, CPO, FAAOP, describing a recent mission trip to Belize. It is an excellent example of the passion that drives so many people in the rehabilitative disciplines.

We also continue to look at the state of O&P education and how competitive bidding might affect smaller suppliers.

Stop by our booth #341 and say hello if you are attending AOPA and thanks for reading.

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