Velocity Labs Expands Valve Systems

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Velocity Labs has expanded its new valve systems to include a vacuum-hookup valve. The new Vacuum Valve housing fits into the existing VMP-007 mounting plate and allows a vacuum tube to connect to the socket through a 3/8-in. spacer plate mounted under the socket. This system creates a safety valve between the socket and any vacuum systems, so if the vacuum system fails, the socket still works as an expulsion system.

The Velocity Vacuum Valve can be hooked up to any high vacuum socket system.

Advantages of the Velocity Valves include:

  • Large duckbill for quick air expulsion.
  • Creates a seal directly against the lamination.
  • Inserts into Velocity four-bolt mounting plate.
  • Inexpensive replaceable duckbill.
  • Available in kits or individual parts.
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