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Karen Henry

When I interviewed for my position at The O&P EDGE, I remember publisher Tonja Randolph telling me, ďOnce people join this profession, they donít want to leave.Ē I was impressed by her conviction and dedication to a profession that I had, up to that point, only peripheral familiarity.

Over the months that followed, I began to understand more fully why she had said this. Not only did I find even the most technical subject matter fascinating, but never before had I been a part of a profession where I met so many dedicated, inspiring people—each with his or her own powerful story. As a writer and an editor, there really isnít a more ideal combination.

Iíve learned a lot since then, thanks to my fellow staff members and countless O&P industry professionals who warmly welcomed me into their ranks—teaching me the ins and outs of a complex profession in the throes of technological, legislative, and ideological shifts too numerous to mention.

Iíve since had the privilege of welcoming several new individuals to our staff, introducing them to the industry and helping them to connect with professionals who have become their mentors, colleagues, and friends.

Because this is such a close-knit profession, itís never easy when someone leaves. We recently had to say goodbye to one of our most talented writers, Morgan Stanfield. Since joining this profession about two and half years ago, Morgan jumped in feet first, learning quickly, writing with conviction and passion, and creating a niche for herself in a profession that welcomed her with open arms.

Though weíre sorry to see Morgan leave our staff, itís gratifying to know that she will remain a member of the O&P industry. In writing and editing for us, Morgan found a home in O&P and, as a result, was presented with an amazing opportunity within the profession. While she may no longer be in our office, donít be surprised if you see Morganís name from time to time among the pages of The O&P EDGE.

As we wish Morgan great success in her new venture, we also welcome Pam Martin to The O&P EDGE editorial team. Joining us as a staff writer, Pam brings more than ten years of writing experience to her new position. She has a master of fine arts degree in creative writing from Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado, and, not surprisingly, a knack for storytelling. You can read her first feature, ďThe Pedorthist Education Debate: All Those in Favor of the Proposed Two-Year Degree Requirement?Ē

Because so many of you are willing to share your knowledge and stories with us, our writers are able to bring to you the most relevant and engaging content in the industry. Thank you for your continued readership and support of The O&P EDGE.

Karen Henry

Congratulations! Gregory Amendolea, owner of WV Durable Medical Equipment Company, Fairmont, West Virginia, was the winner of The O&P EDGE drawing for a $50 amazon.com gift card at the National Assembly of the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (AOPA).

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