Success Creates Its Own Reality

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Most people say, "Change is good. You go first." Intellectually everyone agrees that change is necessary. Yet we are all, on some level, uncomfortable with change and resist adopting new processes and methods. But in a world of viral videos and tweets, the way we used to do things won't work much longer, and therefore change is necessary and inevitable.

It wasn't but a few years ago that people were galloping through the corporate landscape like Paul Revere shouting, "The Internet is coming! The web will change everything!" And it did. Just like the railroad, automobile, television, and computer did in their times. What you did to become successful was adapt to change each time it presented itself, such as changes in components, materials, methods, and patient expectations.

As you gaze through the back window of your business life, you'll see there was very little time when you were actually standing still. You were always moving—either forward or backward. You continually had to take things up a notch to compete in your market or you'd realize soon enough that you were losing ground. On some level, you unconsciously realized, "What got me here, won't keep me here."

And so it is with SPS. We know each SPS customer is unique. Each facility has its own practices and its own formula for success. We invest in bringing on new technologies and new manufacturers, which offer you the opportunity to present new treatment options to your patients. We provide education on those new technologies to help jump-start you on a new path. As a support system for you and your business, we are committed to helping you grow and increase your speed in today's race for success. It is for all these reasons that SPS has now partnered with to become the newest integrated supplier in the OPIE system.

If you are currently an OPIE user, we hope that you will take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with all of the products SPS distributes, many of which are not distributed elsewhere. If you are not currently an OPIE user, please schedule a demonstration with your SPS sales manager to review how you can streamline your purchases and save time and dollars through SPS and OPIE.

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