Warrior Games 2011; New Motocross Champ

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Warrior Games 2011: The Definition of Perseverance

Lance Corporal Nicholas Green. Photograph courtesy of Denise Faddis, The O&P EDGE.

Military honors; a flyover by Navy F-18 Super Hornet fighter jets; a path lined with flag-waving and cheering family members, friends, and supporters; and a torch-lighting ceremony marked the opening ceremony of the second annual Warrior Games presented by Deloitte. It was a parade befitting a hero—220 heroes, actually. The Games were held May 17–21 at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

During the five days of competition, active and retired servicemen and servicewomen from the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy/Coast Guard, and Special Operations competed in track and field, shooting, wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, archery, swimming, and cycling.

Every participant is or has become wounded, ill, or injured while active members of the armed services, and as Mark Goulart, principal and lead client partner at Deloitte Consulting, said, "These warriors represent the very definition of perseverance. None of them have quit. In fact, in many respects, they have gotten stronger...."

First-time Warrior Games participant Lance Corporal Nicholas Green participated in the shooting prone, shooting standing, and wheelchair racing events. He was injured in a failed robbery attempt in August 2010 while home on leave; the severity of the gunshot wound he sustained to his left hip resulted in a transfemoral amputation. Green said that training for and participating in the Warrior Games "lets you know what you're able to do."

Fittingly, the competition ended on Armed Forces day, with the Marine Corps claiming the Chairman's Cup—awarded to the top overall performing service branch—for the second year in a row. Leading his team to victory was Marine Corps Captain Jonathan Disbro, who was crowned the Ultimate Champion, an award based on the points tally from individuals competing throughout the week in the 50m freestyle swim, 10m air rifle prone shooting, 100m sprint track, shot put, and cycling.

Whether it was a medal, the camaraderie, or a taste of competition, every participant took something home.

Schultz Unseats Defending Limb-Loss Motocross Champ

Riders compete for gold at eX6. Photograph by Eric Robinson, courtesy of Extremity Games.

The track was prepped, the crowd was stoked, and several new racers lined up at the starting gate for both the limb-loss and limb-difference classes at the sixth annual Extremity Games (eX6) motocross event, held May 28 at the Baja Acres track in Millington, Michigan.

The event began with an exhibition moto that had riders from both classes checking out the track in anticipation of the two-moto race format that would follow.

Despite a second-place finish in the first moto of the limb-loss class, Chris Ridgway's four-year winning streak came to end when he posted a DNF (did not finish) in the second moto due to a mechanical failure. Unseating Ridgway was Mike "Monster" Schultz, who took first in both motos. Schultz shared the podium with second-place winner Nick Mardis and Jim Wazny, who claimed third place.

In the limb-difference class, former amateur prodigy Justin Weeks took gold with a 1-1 finish in both motos. He beat out motocross legend Doug Henry, who managed to secure a silver medal despite falling in both motos. eX6 was both Weeks' and Henry's return to motocross racing after their injuries in 2009 and 2007, respectively. For the second year in a row, Nick Pappas claimed bronze.

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