New Alpha Liner Absorbs Heat and Reduces Sweat

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New Liner Technology

Presently, all prosthetic liners act as insulators, holding heat from the residual limb which can cause an amputee to sweat. The AlphaŽ SmartTemp Liner blends silicone with Outlast, a phase changing material, enabling the liner to absorb and store heat, thereby providing a solution to the long-standing issue of perspiration in prostheses. The technology in the Alpha SmartTemp Liner does not stop sweating but rather delays the onset of sweating.

At any activity level, the Alpha SmartTemp Liner absorbs, stores, and releases heat while on an amputee's limb, creating a comfortable microclimate by balancing the amputee's skin temperature and the liner temperature.

All-Day Comfort

Alpha SmartTemp Liners featuring Outlast absorb heat generated by an amputee's residual limb, reducing sweating and the amount of moisture within the liner. During clinical testing of this liner, several amputee test patients reported they could wear the liner 14 to 20 hours without having to remove it, pour out the accumulated sweat, dry their limbs and liners, then re-don the liners.

Every amputee is different. A person's activity level, environment, and personal metabolism are all variables that contribute to how long the onset of sweat is delayed. This can vary for each individual yet all amputees who wear the liners will realize the benefits of the liner technology.

Liner Characteristics

At room temperature the silicone in the Alpha SmartTemp Liner has a comfortable, slightly textured surface. Once donned, the Alpha SmartTemp Liner warms from absorbing heat from the limb. During clinical testing, amputee test patients reported that the longer they wore the liners the softer the liners felt. Mechanical testing of the Alpha SmartTemp Liner and a data comparison to the WillowWood Express Liner's softer-durometer silicone and the Alpha Silicone Liner verified the qualitative feedback provided by the amputee test patients.

As the Alpha SmartTemp Liner absorbs heat, its durometer becomes softer.

The Alpha SmartTemp Liner is available for transtibial and transfemoral use. The liner retrofits with other Alpha Liners having progressive and symmetrical AK profiles. For more information about the Alpha SmartTemp Liner, visit or watch a brief video about the liner and hear what amputees have to say about the liner's performance.

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