Who Have You Inspired Lately?

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If we're going to build a business, we not only need raving fan clients, we need a raving fan culture. Culture meaning everybody on your team works to create raving fan experiences. You've got to create raving fans if you want to be successful.

-Tony Robbins

In this month's article, I would like to step away from O&P and talk about the power of inspiration. My goal is to inspire you to bring out the best in your employees, your patients, your colleagues, and yourself.

Inspiration is when you bring something to life, to create movement and motivation. Think about how valuable the experience was the last time you were genuinely inspired by someone. Think about how it made you feel, and how that inspiration created a want, or desire, in you to achieve more. How powerful was that experience?

One of the best compliments I have ever received was when one of my employees told me that I generate enthusiasm for medical billing. In a notoriously dull field, I created passion and enthusiasm within my medical billing staff. That compliment inspired me.

You never know how you are going to impact or inspire others, or what words or actions will resonate with someone. However, there are some common denominators to inspiring others, which include the following.

  1. Approach every problem as an opportunity. Every day comes with unique challenges. These challenges are all too often perceived, and consequently labeled, as problems. When we change the label from problems to challenges, the perception changes as well. We naturally get excited when we are challenged. Who wouldn't prefer putting energy into an opportunity rather than a problem?
  2. Be a mentor. While teaching others may not always impart inspiration, true inspiration always teaches us something.
  3. Lead by example. Inspiration is rarely associated with those who say one thing yet do another. To inspire others, lead by example. Let your actions match your words.
  4. Be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is contagious and people are drawn to it.
  5. Create an eager want. Dale Carnegie Training teaches that true inspiration creates a want in others to achieve more.
  6. Accept your shortcomings. None of us is perfect, and no one is expected to know all the answers. By the way, it is okay to show this side of you. Even as a leader, you will gain respect by accepting and showing your shortcomings.
  7. Acknowledge others and offer praise. Acknowledging others and praising them for accomplishments and a job well done invariably inspires people to do more.
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Inspire your patients to achieve a better outcome with the brace or prosthesis they just received. You can do this by taking extra time to enthusiastically show the patient what may be possible with advanced training, or by sharing a video of a patient who has the same device and has achieved what you consider to be a successful outcome. Can you equip your office waiting room with a television that plays a video loop of some of your patients walking, running, or completing average daily activities while using their devices? Would that inspire your other patients to want to work harder to achieve a better overall experience?

Inspire your fellow employees to achieve the most in their work and to be their best when treating patients. Challenge them, educate them, and encourage them. One of the greatest compliments you can receive from someone is, "Thank you, you've really inspired me to be better."

Erin Cammarata is president and owner of CBS Medical Billing and Consulting. For more information, contact .

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