MC ProHand Works With Otto Bock Systems

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The ProHand* from Motion Control is a new version of the Motion Control Hand which can be used with existing Otto Bock systems. Myoelectric arm wearers can be upgraded to the new MC Hand with an optional flexion wrist without having to fabricate a whole new prosthesis. The flexion wrist option can be included without adding any additional length to the Hand.

The Motion Control ProHand offers the same advanced proportional control of the ProControl 2* and uses the ProControl 2 software and computer interface*. It has all the advantages of the standard MC Hand, including stronger fingers, a strong motor and the patented Safety Release feature. The ProHand is available in 7 1/4, 7 3/4, and 8 1/4 sizes, fits standard gloves, uses a Quick Disconnect Wrist, and offers a Short Hand option for wrist disarticulations.

For more information, contact:

Motion Control 888.MYO.ARMS

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