STS Introduces Knee Casting Sleeve

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The Knee Casting Sleeve from STS enables the practitioner to obtain an accurate model of the thigh, knee, and leg quickly and easily without the mess of traditional plaster of Paris. The finished mold is ideal for fabricating custom knee braces or KAFOs.

The unique double fiberglass tubular design allows accurate molding of the various contours of the lower extremity from thigh to ankle. A small pair of scissors can be used; no cast saw required. The mold cures usually within five or six minutes and is easily filled to make a positive. The glass-smooth exterior can also be scanned by most CAD systems.

Two sizes are available: small (800-S) for thigh circumferences of less than 24 inches and large (800-L) for greater than 24 inches. The knee casting sleeves are supplied in boxes of five.

For more information, contact:

STS 800.787.9097 415.381.4602

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