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OPTEC introduces the new Total Control (TLC) Hip Management System , a complete, interchangeable modular system with unlimited adjustability for enhanced patient comfort.

The T L C Hip Management System features:

  • Modular Pelvic Band —available in universal, unilateral, or bilateral design, which can be custom-fit to the right side, left side, or both sides, thereby reducing inventory;
  • Universal Pelvic Band —offers circumferential and vertical adjustment for the various body types, including male and female adaptability;
  • Modular Thigh Cuff —anatomically designed for superior support and fit;
  • Available in four sizes —small, medium, large, and extra-large.

The T L C Hip Management System is complemented by their versatile Universal THC™ Hip Abduction Joint for a full range of motion control.

OPTEC now offers two new thoracic support designs in the Pectoral Pad Kit (PPK) and the Sternal Pad Kit (SPK) . Both feature the practical sliding bar for quick and easy adjustments above the xyphoid. Both are securely mounted just below the xyphoid and do not slide inferiorly onto the abdominal region.

The PPK incorporates innovative pectoral pads with adjustable silicone swivels that provide balanced support and fit comfortably below the clavicle. The PPK is recommended for patients requiring thoracic support and yet who cannot tolerate direct pressure on the sternum.

The SPK's hinged sternal assembly conforms to your patient's sternum, providing enhanced comfort and support. Both the PPK and SPK are available as an option on custom and stock TLSOs or can be ordered separately.

For more information, contact:

Customer Service
888.982.8181 • 770.513.7380

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