Ossur ICEROSS Transfemoral Liner Now Also in Conical Profile

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The ICEROSS® Transfemoral liner from Ossur is now available in a new Conical profile to comfortably fit amputees with conically shaped residual limbs while providing the necessarily stability and soft tissue control. The original Transfemoral Standard profile is best suited for cylindrically shaped limbs.

Built on years of evolving suspension technology, the ICEROSS Transfemoral liner can be stretched up to 100 percent radially. The conical interior and thin, stretchable profile are specifically designed to fit the anatomy of the thigh. All ICEROSS second-generation silicone liners combine excellent stabilizing qualities with Active Skin Care, a blend of Aloe Vera and other natural moisturizers for skin protection and user comfort. The combination of a full-length Stabilizing Matrix and the ARC™ system (Advanced Rotation Control) effectively minimizes pistoning and socket rotation.

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