Spinal Solutions Launches Composite EZStride AFO

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Spinal Solutions announces the next generation of orthotics, beginning with its Composite EZStride AFO . The EZStride is made of an intimately blended yarn that combines a carbon reinforcing fiber with a nylon thermoplastic matrix. The composite fabric is tough, damage-tolerant, and extremely lightweight.

The EZStride uses 66 percent less material and only contacts the patient on the foot sole and upper calf region, thus eliminating practically all potential pressure points. It is lightweight, reduces heat buildup, and is virtually invisible.

The EZStride allows natural gait without sacrificing strength. This is an excellent orthotic for all dropfoot patients. With a nice reimbursement and a price of $195, this orthotic makes good sense for the patient and the practitioner. For more information, contact:

Spinal Solutions, Inc.
800.922.5155 fax: 800.813.8139

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