Hosmer Introduces 4-Function Wrist

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Hosmer, a Fillauer Company, is pleased to introduce a new off-the-shelf, body-powered 4-Function Wrist. Its minimal length is easily hidden in the forearm. The benefits of incorporating flexion/extension and pronation/supination function in high-level upper extremity prostheses have been widely known.

With this option, high-level transhumeral, shoulder disarticulation, or bilateral clients increase their work envelope and functional range to include activities at the midline, essential for daily living.

Until now, creating a body-powered wrist that allowed this function involved borrowing locks, cables, springs and buttons from existing componentry in a piecemeal fashion.

Two reciprocating locks are activated with bump switches at the wrist and forearm to secure wrist flexion and rotation respectively.

For more information contact:

Hosmer, A Fillauer Company
800.827.0070 " 408.379.5151 " fax: 408.379.5263
hosmer@hosmer.com " www.hosmer.com

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