TruStep Foot Provides More Natural Gait

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The College Park TruStep® Foot offers an anatomical, multiaxial design with polycentric motion. This foot/ankle system restores a more natural gait and enhanced physical capacity to casual walkers as well as sports enthusiasts.

The TruStep Foot responds to ground reaction forces much like a natural foot does, providing the user freedom of motion in all three anatomical planes. This results in a more symmetrical gait and a reduction in energy expenditure for the user.

Improved parts like the midstance pad and front and rear bumpers offer increased durability as well as noise abatement features, making the TruStep Foot the most practical, comfortable foot for amputees of any activity level.

For more information, contact:

College Park Industries
17505 Helro Drive
Fraser, MI 48026
800.728.7950 " 586.294.7950

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