Hosmer Introduces Cosmetically Appealing CAPP TD

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Hosmer Dorrance Corporation has released its latest pediatric terminal device, the CAPP Hand. Using the same internal spring-loaded voluntary-opening mechanism, popular in the original CAPP Terminal Device developed by the Child Amputee Prosthetic Program in southern California, Hosmer has added an integrated urethane body.

This pliable, yet tough exterior preserves function and durability, while adding a much more cosmetic appearance. The elimination of a glove and the use of a low-friction nylon cord ensures smooth and easy use.

Available in three different shades and three different springs to adjust grip force, the CAPP Hand has a replaceable thumb section for wear and can be customized for the individual patient. Try it on your next pediatric patient that requires low-cost, cosmesis, and rugged function in one package.

For more information, contact:

Hosmer, A Fillauer Company

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