Ossur Elation Flex-Foot Offers Quick-Change Heel Height

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Ossur introduces the new Elation" Flex-Foot. With the Elation, heel height can be changed quickly and easily at the touch of a button from 0-2" (5cm) and everywhere in between.

Elation features a foot blade made from 100 percent carbon fiber. Its precision-engineered contour makes it flexible as well as energy-efficient, ensuring a smooth rollover. The foot adjusts automatically to the load applied. The greater the load, the more the foot blade compresses against the rocker plate. This shortens the foot lever arm proportionally, providing the appropriate stiffness.

A narrow, anatomically correct foot cover with a sandal toe contour is bonded to the foot, making it suitable for dress shoes, sandals, cowboy boots, and other footwear types. Elation is easy to cosmetically finish, and the foot is ideal for amputees of low and moderate impact levels who weigh up to 220 lbs (100kg).

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