UCO Offers New 3Form Flat Insole

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UCO International introduces the 3FormTM, a triple-layer, flat, full-length insole that is heated and molded without having to measure, using cut-and-glue materials.

Constructed of two layers of reinforced thermoplastic resin and covered by a urethane top layer, the 3Form allows the practitioner to fabricate the orthosis by heating, vacuum-forming, and trimming. An additional top layer or posting can also be added. It is available in five sizes for easy matching to each patient's cast.

The 3Form works well for patients needing additional support or comfort. For best results, the insole is heated in a convection oven at 230F for two-three minutes, formed over a plaster cast, and trimmed to fit in the patient's shoe. By using the 3Form, fabrication time of a pair of orthoses can be reduced by 15-20 minutes.

Available in five double metric sizes, the 3Form will fit most shoe sizes and widths. It is $15.95 a pair or $13.95 a pair for quantities of 25 or more.

For more information, contact:

UCO International

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