New Freedom Series Ebony Footshell from SPS

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A new Ebony footshell is available from SPS as a custom order for Freedom Series" prosthetic foot wearers with darker skin tones.

All feet within the Freedom Series from Freedom Innovations utilize a unique attachment at the toe lever tip, increasing energy storage and return while providing a "soft toe" assist at push-off. The "Impact Dampening Heel System" assures a soft, rolling transition at heel strike. Full-length segregation of the active carbon fiber elements provides unparalleled agility, medial-lateral bending, inversion-eversion and rotation. The Freedom Series includes:

FS1000-unitary foot design with the "angle-top" increases energy storage and return due to the longer sole plate design;

FS2000-a lower profile foot for long BK applications or configuration options demanding more clearance.

FS3000-for low to moderately active amputees with longer residual limbs.

Included are a 36-month warranty, a "no questions" return policy, and 60-day trial period.

For more information, contact:

Molly Taylor
800.767.7776, ext. 245
For Technical Questions, contact:
Jeff Green, Manager, Technical Services
800.767.7776, ext. 141

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