New Options, Inc. Offers Suspension Sleeves

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New Options, Inc. offers a complete line of Adult and Pediatric Suspension Sleeves in both nylon one-sided and nylon two-sided material, with a material thickness of 1/8". New Options also offers 3 different color choices: tan, black and brown.

Adult Sleeves:

K7   Sleeve
K51 Sleeve with Flexion Knee
K52 Sleeve with Flexion Knee and Top Strap
K53 Three-Part Sleeve
K54 Three-Part Sleeve with Flexion Knee
K55 Three-Part Sleeve with Lycra Middle

Pediatric Sleeves:

PK100 (Tan), PK101 (Brown) & PK107 (Black) Sleeve
PK400 Sleeve with Top Strap
PK25 Three-Part Sleeve with Lycra Middle
Adult sizes from XS3XL; Pediatric sizes from XS2XL. Custom sizes available upon request.
L-Code Information: K7K54: L5674     K55: L5675

For more information, contact:

New Options Sports
6718 Oakbrook Blvd, Dallas, TX 75235
800.872.5488 " fax: 800.455.5488

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