Diamondback™ White Elastic Corsets Only from U.S. Orthotics

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Designed and manufactured exclusively by U.S. Orthotics, the Diamondback" White Elastic Corset line features a variety of options tailored to your patients' needs:

  •  Garments with a large pocket to accommodate a thermoplastic insert;
  •  Garments with a smaller pocket for a foam sacro-pad;
  •  Garments with pockets for metal stays;
  •  An elastic mesh garment; and
  •  An elastic and canvas dorsolumbar garment.

These types of options have made U.S. Orthotics one of the industry leaders in design, manufacturing, and servicing of orthopedic products, preferred by those that provide the best care for their patients, with competitive pricing and topnotch service. Made in the USA.

For more information, contact:

U.S. Orthotics

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