SKINERGY Now in Stock

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SKINERGY", the new standard in affordable lower limb silicone cosmesis, is in stock in SPS' Atlanta warehouse and available for SAME-DAY SHIPPING through SPS.

The manufacturer, RSLSteeper, has employed new innovations in silicone polymer technology to significantly improve appearance and durability versus other protective coverings. Micro detail texturing and nail finish provides a natural look. While providing increased tear resistance, the cosmesis will stretch more than 25 percent to ease finishing of varying heel heights and bulbous residual limbs. It is suitable for all Symes, partial foot prostheses, and Seattle Feet.

SKINERGY silicone cosmeses may be reimbursed under Protective Coverings L-Code 5964 for AK applications and L-Code L-5962 for BK applications.

For more information, contact:

Molly Taylor, Customer Service
800.767.7776, ext. 245
For technical questions, contact:
Jeff Green, Manager, Technical Services
800.767.7776, ext. 141

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