Otto Bock Offers Same-Day Turnaround on Springlite Feet

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Otto Bock Health Care now provides same-day turnaround on its most popular SpringliteŽ feet, the LuXon" Max and LuXon" Max DP.

Otto Bock's Springlite prosthetic feet are made with advanced carbon fiber composites for high-strength resiliency and superior flexibility. The LuXon Max and LuXon Max DP are manufactured with a high-tech LuXon elastomer, which provides patients superior cushioning and stability. They feature a transverse separation of the sole, which enables the patient to experience more natural, independent rotation of the forefoot and heel sections throughout gait.

Springlite feet come with a 60-day trial period and a 36-month warranty.

For more information, contact:

Otto Bock Customer Service

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