Patients Appreciate New Auxiliary Belts Available from Knit-Rite

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Prosthetists are finding more of their patients appreciate having an auxiliary belt, according to Knit-Rite Inc., distributor for the Power Belt line. "These belts uniquely squeeze the prosthesis to the wearer's body. The power from high-denier Lycra spandex, is the key," according to Mark Smith, CP, developer of the product. "The product helps stabilize the soft-tissue envelope--for anyone who wears it. As a result, all levels of above-knee patients report that their prosthesis feels more like a part of them, that they have greater control. We have found that more patients embrace this belt. Even those to whom in the past, a belt would not have been provided, welcome this one, especially for longer distance walking situations such as going to the ballpark. The fact that the material is exceptionally thin and cool, yet very strong and durable, makes it easy to wear as well," he reports. The company has announced that prosthetists' requests have led to new styles, including a universal left or right with a "gunslinger" waist, a bilateral, a new leg-opening option to assist donning, and a new hand loop on the original Power Belt.

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