SPS Provides P-POD Pediatric Line

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SPS announces the immediate availability of P-POD pediatric components from Ohio Willow Wood. The P-POD product line includes: P-POD AlphaŽ Liners, P-POD feet, and P-POD endoskeletal and exoskeletal components.

Ohio Willow Wood studied extensively how children walk in various stages of physical development and vigorously lab tested to assure issues of skin sensitivity, abrasion due to crawling, etc. were addressed and conquered. P-POD feet and components have been ISO-tested to a patient weight limit of 132 lbs.

Plans to add new components to give pediatric patients the best possible function are in the works. SPS and Ohio Willow Wood promise big benefits for your small patients!

SPS Gives Warm, Fuzzy Feeling with Fleece and Code Tip

SPS announces the verdict of the AOPA Coding Committees review of the Renegade" foot from Freedom Innovations Inc., an all-carbon fiber shock system delivering maintenance-free extra-lightweight vertical shock absorption. Following detailed evaluation and analysis of design and performance of the Renegade shock against the Medical descriptors of the L-Codes for lower extremity prosthetics, use of L-5987 (all lower extremity prosthesis, shank foot system with vertical loading pylon) is recommended when filing for

As a gesture of appreciation to customers, SPS will provide a Free Fleece Blanket with the purchase of each Renegade foot on orders placed between October 22, 2003 and December 31, 2003. Visit www.spsco.com/specials.html for details. For more information contact:

Molly Taylor, Customer Service, ext. 245

For technical questions, contact:
Jeff Green, Manager, Technical Services
800.767.7776, ext. 141

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