OSSURíS LP CETERUS: Maximum Performance with Minimal Clearance

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Ossur announces the introduction of the LP Ceterus, a foot for amputees who seek advanced features, but require a low build height. The LP Ceterus is a low- profile option with benefits such as rotation, shock absorption and exceptional energy return.

The LP Ceterus incorporates:

  • Proportional Response providing maximum efficiency for each weight/impact level
  • CarbonXģ Active Heel delivering shock absorption, stress reduction, and energy return
  • Full-Length Toe Lever ensuring equal stride length
  • Split-Toe Design compensating for uneven terrain

Ceterus, and its newest variation--LP Ceterus--deliver performance and function, emulating natural, able-bodied movement. These products offer the range of freedom to engage in a wide variety of activities.

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