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... be enthusiastic about designing, producing, and promoting products that help amputee children lead active and fulfilling lives?

The P-POD " family (pediatric prosthetic-orthotic devices) includes a full line of components for children from Alpha® P-POD to P-POD SACH and Impulse" Feet , but we also offer some components for in-between. Our P-POD Foundation Components include pylons, pyramid receivers and adapters, as well as Growth Kits to accommodate those frequent growth spurts.

Watch for our full P-POD advertising campaign in Youth inMotion and our six new P-POD Ambassadors, touring a town near you with Amputees Across America 2004.

Twist, Slide, or Shuffle with Ohio Willow Wood's Foundation Expansion

Ohio Willow Wood announces an expansion to existing Foundation and Magnum product lines. Need to twist, turn, slide, angle, or offset? We have the solution! Our Foundation products are competitively priced, easy to use, and pass all ISO 10328 standards!

Our advanced engineering and production capabilities allow us to meet special requirements for practitioners from concept to finished product. Several new components are a result of requests received from our customers to offer variable solutions for tough alignment situations. Our full range of slide devices are low-profile, lightweight, and can be used in the definitive prosthesis. Magnum Slide Adapter and Magnum Rotating Slide Adapter accommodate patients weighing up to 350 lbs.

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Ohio Willow Wood

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