As Alike as Two Peds in aP-POD

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PEL Supply affirms immediate availability of Pediatric Prosthetic and Orthotic Devices (P-POD") from Ohio Willow Wood. Specifically for younger amputees, included are Alpha P-POD Liners, P-POD SACH and Impulse" Feet, P-POD Foundation components, as well as Growth Kits to accommodate growth spurts.

P-POD enables practitioners to create comfort and performance for pediatric patients. All P-POD components were tested vigorously in the lab and by field testers. P-POD feet and components have been ISO-tested to 132 lbs.

PEL Supply's Pediatric Catalog includes over 2,500 items; over 300 specifically for pediatric applications!

For more information, contact:

PEL Supply

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