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Otto Bock HealthCare announces an advance in knee joints designed to improve functionality for low- and moderate-activity amputees.

The 3R90 and 3R92 offer increased security through a unique load-dependent braking mechanism. The 3R90 is friction-controlled with a mechanical extension assist while the 3R92 offers pneumatic swing-phase control. Unlike other friction-brake knees, these release during forefoot loading, eliminating hip hiking and delivering more correct gait.

"The 3R90 and 3R92 are the first true advances in low-activity knees in years, if not decades," says Todd Anderson, CP, FAAOP, director of Professional Services for Otto Bock.

Determined to fit the needs of everyone from children to adults, from low- to high-activity levels, Otto Bock welcomes the 3R90 and 3R92 as the latest additions to their family of knees which includes the world's first microprocessor-controlled knee, the C-Leg«.

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