The Secret of Silver

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One of Knit-Rite's most recent innovations, the Compressogrip A/K Prosthetic Shrinker and the traditional B/K Compressogrip Shrinker, are now offered with the advantages of pure silver. Knit-Rite is the first to bring silver's antimicrobial and therapeutic qualities to the O&P community with an entire family of products constructed with X-Static The Silver Fiber, from Noble Fiber Technologies.

Long known to kill germs, silver ions bind with bacteria to inhibit infection before it gets started. Knit-Rite reports these same advantages in the new line of post-operative X-Static prosthetic shrinker applications. The manufacturer has also received testimonials that the X-Static shrinker has helped patients find relief from phantom pain.

X-Static Soft-Socks

Knit-Rite, the developers of Soft-Sock, the original CoolMax/Lycra prosthetic sock, adds a new version that takes advantage of the unique qualities of pure silver. Effectively smothering' bacteria at the cellular level, silver ions bind with proteins inside and outside of bacterial membranes to inhibit odor and infection before it even begins.

Soft-Sock with X-Static still feels soft and cuddly against the skin, and offers unbeatable moisture-wicking and thermodynamic properties. Knit with just enough stretch to provide excellent fitting qualities, fewer sizes fit most regular sock wearers, making Soft-Sock a perennial favorite.

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