‘Step In and Go’ with Ossur

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Ossur presents the newest Iceross Seal-In Liner for people on the go. The Iceross Transfemoral Seal-In Liner, featuring Ossur's patented Hypobaric Sealing Membrane (HSMTM), is ideal for low to moderately active transfemoral amputees who would prefer to simply roll it on, step into the socket, and go, confident that they will enjoy comfortable and secure suspension. 

Unlike conventional suction sockets, the silicone surface of the Iceross Transfemoral Seal-In Liner may be thoroughly cleaned, improving hygiene and reducing odor. In addition, once the Iceross Transfemoral Seal-In Liner is positioned in the hard socket, the HSM seal and the distal silicone pad actually grip the socket wall, thus enhancing rotational stability and proprioceptive feedback for the user.

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