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Ongoing Care Solutions offers a complete line of orthotics, including WEL-KARETM Stirrup Ankle Braces at $15.00 each!

WEL-KARE Stirrup Ankle Braces have anatomic shells designed to fit either the left or the right leg to provide protection, comfort, and inversion/eversion protection. These ankle braces also enhance circulation and reduce swelling. They feature easy on--easy off hook and loop closures and fit in either sport or dress shoes. 

We offer three types of Ankle Braces to choose from:

  • WEL-KARETM Air Only Stirrup Ankle Brace
  • WEL-KARETM Gel/Air Stirrup Ankle Brace (Can be used for cold therapy)
  • WEL-KARETM Volara Foam with Fabric Ankle Brace

For more information, contact:

Ongoing Care Solutions

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