Ossur GII Expands with Paradigm

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The new Paradigm ligament brace follows last year's introduction of the GII 3DX, Ossur´s entry into Functional Bracing. The 3DX turned heads with its innovative hinge, enbling the brace to follow the natural anatomic tracking of the knee. Surgeons embraced the 3DX because it is able to track internal/external rotation, varus/valgus rotation and anterior/posterior translation simultaneously.

However, an equal number of physicians and clinicians continue to support the traditional sagittal design. For this group, Ossur GII designed the new Paradigm. Its proven sagittal design is solid, with the added benefit of a Triax® carbon-fiber frame for greater strength and a uniquely designed frame, whose medial flair provides a graceful look and exceptional stability of soft tissues.

The designers at Ossur GII have also improved condylar ergonomics to enhance comfort while providing a low-profile fit.

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