Innovative X-STATIC Materials from PEL Supply

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PEL Supply announces immediate availability of Acor's new X-STATIC®--"the silver fiberTM"--lined materials. According to Acor, Impression PuffTM, moldable with 'bounce back' memory, is a superior alternative to current orthotic liners. Neo-SpongeTM, featuring excellent shock absorption and cushioning, replaces current neoprene-type materials that line foot orthotics while reducing friction. Both materials are available with an X-STATIC top cover.

X-STATIC fiber has a natural layer of pure silver permanently bonded to it which naturally eliminates the growth of odor-causing bacteria killing 99.9% of bacteria and fungi within two hours! X-STATIC evenly distributes heat throughout the silver fibers, while at the same time decreasing friction, hot spots and blisters. X-STATIC is a registered trademark of Noble Fiber Technologies, Inc. Patents Pending.

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