Seattle Systems Completes Its Custom Sure Step Line

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Seattle Systems has added four AFOs to complete its Custom Sure Step Collection to accommodate a wide range of patients.

Beginning in October, Seattle Systems is offering a Custom Sure Step Starter Kit for first-time users. The kit includes a medium cast stock, casting instructions, product literature, and return address packaging to simplify the ordering process.

Within hours of receiving the order, Seattle Systems uses its newly installed CAD/CAM to digitally scan the cast to create a positive patient model. This investment in technology, which also includes shape modification applications, allows Seattle Systems to deliver an accurate, custom-fabricated AFO back to the practitioner in five days or less - guaranteed.

  • Accuracy of fit, quality construction and proven designs
  • Four ankle configurations, 12 Custom Sure Step models in all
  • Five day turnaround
  • Affordably priced

For more information, contact:

Seattle Systems Inc.

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