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Ongoing Care Solutions offers a complete line of orthotics, including OCSI CHAMP W.H.F.O. (Wrist, Hand, Finger Orthosis) at $39.95 each!

We offer the CHAMP Hand Splint in both right and left models, in the following sizes: Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

The CHAMP is a pre-fabricated W.H.F.O. to treat wrist, hand, finger, and thumb contractures. Easily bends to accommodate radial/ulnar deviation and wrist drop. The CHAMP is:

  • #1 in Patient Compliance
  • #1 in Ease of Application
  • #1 in Flexibility
  • #1 in Thumb Control
  • #1 in Infection Control
  • #1 in Price

For more information, contact:

Ongoing Care Solutions

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