SPS Now Carries GenuPro

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SPS is pleased to announce distribution of the GenuPro Control A knee orthosis.

The GenuPro provides enhanced protection for all knee ligament deficiencies: ACL/PCL and MCL/LCL. Constructed of a stable, aircraft grade aluminum frame, GenuPro adapts quickly and precisely to fit an individuals leg. Integrated rubber flanges, in combination with a raised crosssectional area provide excellent mechanical function while facilitating individual adjustments.

The patent-pending two-stage tracking hinge allows fixed positioning in different extension and flexion angles to achieve phased immobilization of the knee joint - WITHOUT the use of ANY tools. Increased leverage and improved joint stabilization is particularly enhanced by the increased length of GenuPro. Clearly defined increments on Segmented Gears (non-weight bearing) allow Range of Motion (R.O.M.) flexion and extension adjustment.

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