RCAI Offers New Pediatric Support

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The new Pediatric Neoprene Knee Supports by RCAI are indicated for soft tissue injuries, strains, sprains, tendonitis, arthritis, and inflammation. Made of a washable, 1/8" thick, latex-free neoprene with double-sided nylon laminate, the RCAI Pediatric Neoprene Supports are easy to don and doff. The product line consists of a standard knee sleeve with enclosed tubular donut, spiral knee support with medial/lateral stays and universal felt buttress, hinged knee brace with lightweight free ROM hinges and universal felt buttress, closed knee support for Osgood-Schlater lesions, and a wrist extension splint with removable palmar spoon. Infant to Extra Small sizes available.

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Restorative Care of America

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