Comfort and Breathability with Orthofeet Men's Fisherman Shoe

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Orthofeet introduces the new Men's Fishermen Shoe, which integrates all the biomechanical features of Orthofeet's Depth shoes with the comfort and breathability of a sandal.

The entire shoe is lined with a smooth fabric and padded with foam, which provides excellent protection against irritations. The shoe is built on anatomical last with 5/16" added depth, which provides relaxed fit for diabetic orthotics. Additionally, a stretchable construction across the forefoot, adjusts to accommodate forefoot deformities and swollen feet. The soles ergonomic construction enhances stability and reduces stress at the forefoot during ambulation. The new Men's Fishermen Shoe (Model 572) has received A-5500 SADMERC Code Verification.

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Orthofeet Inc.

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