Knit-Rite’s Answer is epX!

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Many practitioners are asking for a high-quality, less-expensive knee sleeve in the wake of managed care and reduced reimbursements. Knit-Rite's answer is the epX!

Lightweight and breathable, the epX is a nice alternative to neoprene, causing less skin irritation and perspiration. The material is waterproof and will not absorb perspiration, improving garment hygiene, and reducing odor.

Both heavy-duty sleeves feature a contoured design for free patella movement. Silicone bands are incorporated to secure the sleeve to the prosthesis, as well as the thigh. The inner lining material consists of durable, abrasion-resistant spandex lining for maximum wear. Available in two styles, both sleeves are available in eight sizes.

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Knit-Rite Inc.

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