Hosmer Regal GloveóGreat Aesthetics, Great Price

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Hosmer is proud to offer the Regal Silicone Glove, a high-quality, durable silicone cosmetic covering. Regal combines the superior aesthetics of a silicone restoration with off-the-shelf convenience, durability, and price of a production glove. Available in eight different models and 18 detailed color shades. Special reinforced models have been created for myoelectric, passive, partial hands, and the X-Series with micro-pigmentation and natural hair.

  • High-Definition Silicone
  • Micro-Pigmentation for Added Detail
  • 18 Color Shades
  • For Passive, Myo, and Mechanical Hands
  • Partial Hand and Finger Amputation Options
  • Life-Like Nails and Hair with X Series

For more information, contact:
A Fillauer Company

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