Sportswear Undergarment for Amputee Fashion, Function

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Blake Barlow, CP, FAAOP, has patented a one-piece utility garment with dual purpose: fashion and function for amputees. Barlow, a sportsman, amputee, and ACA member, created the design to provide a smooth transition from traditional underwear and the separate application of a residual limb sock.

The functional advantages are a 75-percent reduction in pinching, bunching, slipping, sliding, rotating, pistoning, and having to remove the prosthesis to recover the limb sock. The garment helps decrease skin problems caused by ground reaction forces transmitted via two separate garments.

The garment, with a custom-design sportswear look, may be custom-fitted by your prosthetist. Swimwear and leisure wear available.

For more information, contact:
Genuine Care Rehab

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